What we have experienced for friends sometimes exhausting
and annoying, but that's what makes friendship
have a wonderful value.
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Friendship often served several trials, but
true friendship can overcome even the test
grow with it ...

Friendship is not created automatically but
requires a long process like iron menajamkanbesi,
so a friend sharpens his friend. Friendship
colored with a variety of experiences joy and sorrow, comfort, hurt,
note-disappointed, to hear-neglected, assisted-rejected,
but these have never intentionally done
with the aim of hatred.

A friend does not hide mistakes
to avoid disputes, precisely because of his love
he ventured to rebuke what it is.

Friends of wrapping never blow a kiss,
but to say what a very painful
with the aim of his friend want to change.

The process of friends become friends requires effort
maintenance of fidelity, but not when we
need help then we have the motivation
for attention, help and statements of love
from others, but instead he gave beriinisiatif
and realize what is required by his friend

Some things often become destroyers
friendship among others:
1. Business problems Constitution (tip-tip Duit)
3. Lose faith
4. Changes in feelings between the opposite sex
5. Infidelity.
But this friendship destroyer has successfully broken
by the friends who tested for authenticity motivation

(Having a true friend is more valuable than a thousand friends selfish)

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